New Feature: Stock Check in POS

As the Holidays approach, so does the busy season for retail stores.  One of the most important aspects of running a retail business is keeping accurate track of your products’ stock.  This way, you can properly calculate your profit margin.  To assist with keeping accurate track of stock, we wanted to release a quick feature this week that we believe many of you will find useful.  So without further ado, we introduce stock check at the POS.

Stock Check POS

After adding a product at the POS, you’ll now notice that in the top-right area of the item box is the model number and total amount of that product in stock.  This alleviates the issue of those who are ordering items that aren’t physically in front of them.  It doubles its usefulness as a quick stock check feature for cashiers whom only have access to the POS.  If a customer is looking for a certain size, the cashier can now quickly look up the stock for them at the POS without needing to ask a manager.

As we always like to say, we love feedback!  Please let us know what you think about the new addition by emailing  Also, this feature is on by default.  If you would like to turn it off, head to the Settings section in Zing and turn off the feature called Show Stock Levels.


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