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Point of Sale

  • Discounts

Setup discounts as dollar amounts or percentage, assign discount codes, limit use to orders or items, require cost centers, and more.

Quickly add via direct input, name, or code, and optionally limit by the cost of items. All while being tracked automatically.

  • Multiple Tax Levels

Flexible tax system with multiple levels, to allow for the many different types of tax rates out there, including fees.

Taxes can be setup to trigger or limit at certain amounts and even calculate based on pre or post discount totals.

  • Attach Customers

Easily add a customer to an order for tracking and promotion later. Even add customer notes that automatically show up when the customer returns.

  • Cash Drawer

Keep track of what should be in your cash drawer with quick deposit and withdraw functionality.

  • Order and Item Notes

Attach extra detail to orders and items for easy retrieval later.

  • Product Images

Upload product images to better sort your inventory while adding items to each order.

  • Barcode Scanning

Breeze through transactions by using a barcode scanner.

  • Print and Send Receipts

Print thermal receipts, full-page invoices, or send digital versions of receipts via text or e-mail.

  • Order Lookup

Quickly find past orders via ID or customer and pull them up inside the Point of Sale.

  • Item Refunds

Once you lookup an order, items can be refunded back to the credit card.

  • Multi-currency

Select from many different currencies for your main account currency.

  • Theme-able

Your business is unique, so why not show it? Change to a theme that fits your style.


  • Varied Report Types

Track sales by product, category, and user.  Or drill down with hourly sales and profit margin reports.

  • Ranged Reporting

Breakdown each report by day, month, year or specific date ranges.

  • Export

All reports can be exported to CSV, Excel, or sent via e-mail.

  • Mobile Ready

Your reports will now be wherever you happen to be since our software runs on your smartphone.


  • Order Details

View not only what was purchased, but associated data like cashier name, customer info, and order / items notes.

  • Modify Orders

Each order can be easily refunded, restocked, or deleted. By default these require manager permission.

  • Print and E-mail

Extra receipts and invoices for customers can be printed or e-mailed.

  • Daily Summary

See breakdown order totals by day, and print them out for your records.

Products & Categories

  • Easy Entry, Fast Import

Enter products at your store, or on the go on your smartphone. If you have a list of products to import, we’ll help you import them so there’s no data entry at all.

  • Price + Cost

Track not only sales but your profit margin on those sales as well.

  • Print Barcodes

Print product labels using Avery labels or a Dymo label printer.

  • Nested Categories

List your items in within nested categories to allow for quick navigation in the POS and an organized structure. Products can be in multiple categories.

  • Product Options

Options like sizes can be added to products, and will create a different stock level for each product option.

  • Product Attributes

Attributes like colors can be added to improve your item’s description inside the POS and on your customer receipts.

  • Stockroom

Manage whole categories of product stock levels at once by using the Stockroom.

  • Export

You can export your products at any time, along with their stock levels, to an Excel compatible CSV.


  • Different Roles

Each account has 4 different predefined roles: Master, Manager, Cashier, and Summary. Use to limit to specific sections.

  • Ability Permissions

Manage each users ability to apply discounts, refund orders, or delete orders.

  • Branch Permissions

Limit users to as many or as few branches as you’d like.

Social Listing

  • Instant Website

Your business, instantly viewable on the web. It includes your logo, business description, links, map, and more.

  • Theme-able

Control your listings theme and content. Advanced editing allows businesses with existing branding full control over the look and feel.

  • Social

Every listing can be shared via digital receipts you send through the Point of Sale. Now, your customers become your best marketing tool, instantly sharing your business on Facebook and Twitter.

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