Internet Point of Sale

Use an Internet POS to Run Your Business

With the advancements in browser technology – specifically HTML5 – it’s now possible to run a complete Point of Sale (POS) on the Internet. The old, outdated systems that retail stores are using everywhere are now obsolete.

What makes an Internet POS enticing to small business owners?

The major factor in the decision to move the POS from the hardware focused POS systems to the Internet is the opportunity to save the business money. These older systems can cost a business upwards of $8000. If you chose to upgrade the software in the future, you’ll have to pay for it again. When using an Internet POS, you’re usually paying for the Software as a Service (SaaS) month-to-month. Because you’re using your own hardware, all you have to play is a low, flat rate each month. During a time where small businesses are looking to save money wherever they can, they can save thousands with an Internet POS.

Another important fact is that with Internet POS, you aren’t limited to a specific piece of hardware. If you have a compatible browser on your laptop, you can run your business with it. What about a tablet? Yes. Even my phone? Yup. With an Internet POS, you are never truly too far from your business.

This new way to conduct transactions is revolutionary, as well are the companies who seek to fill this new market. ZingCheckout is one of the leaders in the Internet POS market. With all the benefits of a POS run in the “cloud,” as well as the exclusive features that separate their service from the others.

With Zing, you’ll be able to speed the customer through the checkout process. The most important thing to the business is that the patrons have an enjoyable, painless shopping experience and it ends with the transaction. Zing was created to make the effort as painless as it could possibly be.

The inventory system is a lauded feature of Zing. Add, delete, and edit items from the inventory with little effort. Built from the ground up, this inventory system was designed so that when a business owner is adding product, it can be finished quickly so they can get back to business. Coming from another POS? Import your data from any POS on the market.

An Internet POS Combined With Social Networks

With social networks becoming a huge part of our lives, businesses have had to pivot their efforts to satisfy the fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter. Hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars have been spent on social network campaigns. These are incredibly useful because it directly connects the customer with the business.

With ZingCheckout, the social networking is done for you, by the customer, through the internet POS itself. What happens is that the customer is given the choice to have their receipt of their purchases printed, texted, or emailed to them. If they choose to have it texted or emailed, the message will come with a link. Once the customer clicks the link, they can post about their experience on their social network. The business will then see that they posted and can see all the comments on what is called the Social Listing. Each business who uses Zing gains access to this exclusive and incredibly useful feature.

ZingCheckout was created by minds dedicated to solving the problems facing older POS systems. Luckily for them, the Internet POS market is growing and it’s quickly becoming the preferred way to do business.



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