Bicycle Shop Point of Sale

Running a Bicycle Shop can be challenging at some times. All the variants of the bikes and parts that sometimes can be hard to distinguish from one another.

When choosing a Point of Sale for your Bicycle Store, a huge factor in deciding which one fits for your store is if it can be flexible when it comes to the inventory. Can it have a base item, and then be able to have multiple variants of the same one? It needs to be simple enough to select the variants that the customer wants while not taking too long to get them through the check out process and riding their brand new bike.

With ZingCheckout, you have everything you need in a Bicycle Store POS. Our inventory management runs exactly how you would want it to, with no unneeded actions taken. Search the product, click on it, and edit it however you’d like. Does the customer want that Next mountain bike, but in the color red, with 10-speeds, dual suspension, and larger cushioned seat? No problem, just click the Next mountain bike in your inventory and select the option right below it. Easy, fast, and painless.

Along with the great inventory management, ZingCheckout comes with other great features such as detailed reports from any period of time, a fast and responsive user interface that can be themed with your companies logo and colors, and our exclusive social listing technology. This allows your business to connect with future customers by using your current ones.



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